Landlord and Insurance Certifications

Being a landlord, one must ensure the properties electrical state is fit for purpose. EMS London work directly with landlord’s across London to ensure there is an understanding of the frequency of electrical inspections/tests.

With new electrical installations, a landlord should ensure this work is carried out by an expect, and the institute of electrical engineers recommend a 10 year maximum period between tests on this new installation.

PAT (Portable appliance test) is at the landlord’s discretion to ensure there are no abrasions to cables, but there is a detailed guidance regarding the frequency of carrying out a PAT test:

  • Refrigerators, washing machines or electric fires should have a PAT test every 4 years
  • Portable Equipment including table lamps, fans, kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners should have a PAT test every 2 year

MS are certified to carry out electrical inspections on all forms of properties including HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation).

EMS London comply with the Part B building regulations.

With Fire alarms, we ensure we schedule with you, or your business, regular testing. There are different requirements for different fire alarm systems:

Grade A (Control Panel):

Routing testing is required including a routine inspection.

Grade B (No control Panel/Interlinked)

Similar maintenance and inspections are required to ensure full functionality and fix your issues.

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