Product Features & Benefits:

  • Energy Saving
  • Eco-friendlyT8 LED Tube EMS-T823-MW-4000K
    • No IR, UV radiation which causes discoloration
    • No Lead or Mercury
    • No flicker, constant stable light
  • Long Life Span
    • 50,000~80,000 hours life time is 10 times the life of Florescent
  • High Brightness
    • We use tubes with super high bright LED chips to out-put lumens at 90~110 Lm/W


Any existing T8 installation can be converted for use with our T8 LED tubes. They are ideally suited to applications with no controls and lighting is on 24/7.


As the T8 tubes have an auto-dimming feature it means that areas can remain partially lit rather than stay dark waiting for the circuit sensors to activate. Furthermore only the tubes in the direct   will be activated allowing another areas to remain at maximum energy saving.  Microwave motion sensors are much more efficient and have a better range than PIR sensors.
Cost reduction is usually the primary driver for considering switching to LED. The short answer is LESS power = LESS cost. However, fluorescent traditionally are difficult to dim without expensive ballast which also lessens the life of the product.
So, the bottom line is LED T8 Tubes will absolutely save you money but you will need to invest in a decent LED product initially. The payback could be achieved within a year and a quarter.  Furthermore LED light will not charge colour, darken the diffusers and will not need replacing for many years.
The benefits reduced maintenance or re-lamping expense.


Florescent T8 LED tubes

The total annual energy cost of a 5ft 58w Florescent T8 LED tube is £56.94 assuming that the cost per KWh is 10 pence.

T8 LED tube with microwave motion sensor

Our LED lamps however are only activated by movement and remain on full power for 90sec each time. The means that if is activated 80 times a day then this equates to only 2 hours operation per day.

For the remaining 22 hours per day the lamp is in dim-down mode which provides an ambient light. Therefore if an existing 5ft T8 florescent tube is replaced for an intelligent 5ft LED tube with microwave motion sensor then the total annual energy cost saving is £53.80 in addition to the maintenance, bulb, starter and an engineer’s visit.

An example of cost savings for both 5ft (1500mm) and 4ft (1200mm) EMS-T823-MW-4000K


  • 25 -100 units –  £29.99
  • 100 plus units – £25.99

For more energy saving advice or to discuss your installation requirements in greater detail please contact us on 020 8123 5995 / 07427 798 958 or by email: christian@emslondon.co.uk