Planned Maintenance

We, at Expert Maintenance Solutions are ready to work with you, and your business to construct a solid planned maintenance schedule. We are a reliable and competent agent who will ensure your equipment is operating correctly. To avoid any unscheduled breakdowns, EMS are experts in preventive maintenance, we will work for, and with you to ensure:

  • Planning of maintenance and ordering of spare parts
  • Cost is distributed more evenly


Reactive Maintenance

This service is for your business when you do not have a planned maintenance agreement, and require emergency solutions to fix equipment.

Unlike planned maintenance, reactive maintenance is used when the equipment fails, and therefore will be used when required.

There are some advantages to Reactive maintenance:

If your business equipment is new they will require minimal upkeep, therefore you, as a business, will save money on parts and avoid any emergency work. Though, we recommend planned maintenance to secure the equipment reliability, if this is not available, EMS will step in to ensure full functionality as soon as possible.

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